Cole's Cookies

gourmet cookies hand-made and hand-delivered in the greater sacramento area


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,” said Picasso, but did he know that same principle could apply to baking cookies too? Sam Cole's cookies are works of art.

Sam is affectionately known as "The Cookie Lady" around here. When she brings her cart of cookies around our office, everyone gathers around smiling. Few can resist her creative charms. Most just enjoy the fruits of her talent and hard work. Some can hardly wait their turn to pick out their sweet treat made fresh with the finest ingredients and a master's hand.

Each of us has a favorite cookie. Sam somehow manages to offer several kinds of cookies every week, rotates in seasonal favorites, and experiments as only an artist can. Which is your favorite? For your next event, call Cole's Cookies and decide for yourself.

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Cookie List - December 2015

List of currently available cookies coming soon.

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Cole's Cookies Holiday Orders

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